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Control Settings

Change Control Settings

Settings operation methods:
grid.SetSettings(ReoGridSettings settings, bool enabled);
grid.EnableSettings(ReoGridSettings settings);
grid.DisableSetting(ReoGridSettings settings);
bool value = grid.HasSetting(ReoGridSettings settings);

Table of Settings

Values of ReoGridSettings are the following items:


Setting Desc
Behavior_All All Behavior prefix settings
Behavior_AutoPickingCellAddress Allow to pick an address from selected cell when formula editing
Behavior_MouseWheelToScroll Allow to scroll spreadsheet by mouse wheeling
Behavior_MouseWheelToZoom Allow user to zoom the spreadsheet by wheeling mouse
Behavior_ShortcutKeyToZoom Allow user to zoom the spreadsheet by hotkeys (ctrl + plus,minus)
Behavior_AllowUserPageBreaks Allow user to insert or adjust the page breaks by mouse


Setting Desc
Edit_Readonly Indicates that Control works in read-only mode. Any changes are not allowed
Edit_AutoFormatCell Allow data format after text editing by user
Edit_FriendlyPercentInput Allow to display a percent symbol when user inputting value inside percent-format cell
Edit_AutoAdjustRowHeight Allow adjusting the height of row when user enlarges font of cell
Edit_AllowAdjustRowHeight Allows user to adjust height of row by mouse
Edit_AllowAdjustColumnWidth Allows user to adjust the width of column by dragging mouse


Setting Desc
View_ShowColumnHeader Show column headers
View_ShowRowHeader Show row headers
View_ShowXRuler Show ruler of x-coordinate (Reserved)
View_ShowYRuler Show ruler of y-corrdinate (Reserved)
View_ShowGridLine Show grid lines
View_ShowScrolls Show scroll bars
View_ShowHorScroll Show horizontal scroll bar
View_ShowVerScroll Show vertical scroll bar
View_AllowShowRowOutlines Allow to show row outlines if outlines exiting
View_AllowShowColumnOutlines Allow to show column outlines if outlines exiting
View_MouseWheelToScroll Allow to scroll spreadsheet by mouse wheeling
View_ShowPrintAreas Enable to show paging boundaries for printing areas (from v0.8.6)

Script Execution

Setting Desc
Script_AutoRunOnload Allows to auto run script after grid is loaded from a stream
Script_PromptBeforeAutoRun Specify that whether show a message to prompt user to run script when script loaded from a stream.

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