Set Control Appearance

// create control style instance with theme colors
ReoGridControlStyle rgcs = new ReoGridControlStyle(Color.White, Color.DarkOrange, false);

// set text color to 'white'
rgcs.SetColor(ReoGridControlColors.GridText, Color.White);

// apply appearance style
The control looks like:

Edit Tool

There is a tool can be used to edit the appearance of control. Start the ReoGrid Editor, then choose 'Tools' -> 'Control Appearance...'.
Edit your style, then press 'Export' can export the style as C# code:
ReoGridControlStyle rgcs = new ReoGridControlStyle();
rgcs[ReoGridControlColors.LeadHeadNormal] = Color.FromArgb(255,230,230,250);
rgcs[ReoGridControlColors.LeadHeadHover] = Color.FromArgb(0,0,0,0);
rgcs[ReoGridControlColors.LeadHeadSelected] = Color.FromArgb(255,230,230,250);
rgcs[ReoGridControlColors.LeadHeadIndicatorStart] = Color.FromArgb(255,220,220,220);

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