Set freezing start at row 5:
grid.FreezeToCell(5, 0);


Get freeze position:
ReoGridPos pos = grid.GetFreezePos();
Freeze at position 0,0 means there is no freeze rows or columns.

Check whether current gird is frozen:
bool isFrozen = grid.IsFrozen();

Freeze to specified position

From v0.8.6, ReoGrid support freeze to specified edges or corners, the following direction are available:
  • Left
  • Top
  • Right
  • Bottom
  • Left and Top
  • Left and Bottom
  • Right and Top
  • Right and Bottom

Pass position as third argument to specify where to dock the frozen region:
grid.FreezeToCell(5, 5, FreezePosition.RightBottom);

Notice that frozen region might be too large

If the frozen region is larger than the maximum visible region of Control, the active region will be invisibility.

There are two cases might get a too large frozen region.
  • A normal frozen region and an active region are specified, but the size of Control was changed too small
  • A too large frozen region was specified

Assume there is a grid has 100 rows, and the maximum visible rows is 30, to specify control freeze to row 60 at bottom, it causes 40 rows are left at bottom to be displayed, it is larger than the maximum visible region (30 rows), the active region will be invisibility.

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