Create Grid Control

Add Control by Form Designer

  1. Right-click on Toolbox panel, click 'Choose Items...'
  2. Choose '.NET Framework Components' tab
  3. Click 'Browse...' button
  4. Choose 'unvell.ReoGrid.dll' in open file dialog
  5. Click 'OK' to close the dialog
  6. Choose the Control appeared in Toolbox and drag it into designer, control added looks like:


Add Control by programming

Add following required files into reference list:
  • Minimum - Only the Grid Control and core features support
  • Editor - Grid Control, Core features, and GUI Editor support
  • Full - Grid Control, Core features, GUI Editor and Script Execution

DLL Name Description Minimum Editor Full
unvell.ReoGrid.dll ReoGrid Control, Core features Yes Yes Yes
unvell.ReoGridEditor.dll Controls and forms for ReoGrid Editor Yes Yes
unvell.ReoScript.dll .NET script language engine Yes
unvell.ReoScript.EditorLib.dll Controls and forms for script editing Yes
Antlr3.Runtime.dll ANTLR gammar tool runtime Yes
FastColoredTextBox.dll Powerful colored highlight text editor Yes

Import namespaces:
using unvell.ReoGrid;
Create instance for control and add it into any component, like Form or Panel.
var grid = new unvell.ReoGrid.ReoGridControl()
  Dock = DockStyle.Fill,


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